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SJRCD1001/ Gilles Clement/Woody

Trio album of guitar, Hammond B3, drums


Royce Campbell & Adrian Ingram/Hands Across The Water

SJRCD1003 John Pisano & Billy Bean/Makin' It Again

SJRCD1005/Jack Wilkins/Bluesin' SJRCD1006/John Pisano + Billy Bean + Dennis Budimir/West Coast Sessions SJRCD1007  Billy Bean + Walter Norris (Piano) + Hal Gaylor (Bass)/The Trio 'Rediscovered'

SJRCD1008/Lenny Breau/Live at Donte's SJRCD1009/Gary Potter/Minor Swing

SJRCD1011/The Flying Pisanos/Ensemble  with John Pisano (Guitar) + Jeanne Pisano (Vocals) + Warren Leuning (Flugelhorn) + Chuck Berghofer (Bass)

Read about this great group

SJRCD1012/Adrian Ingram & John Pisano/Hommage  with Phil France (Bass)

SJRCD1013/Greg Clayton/Live at Boomers with Dave Young (Bass) & Jerry Fuller (Drums)

Read about the CD here

SJRCD1014/ Jack Wilkins Quartet/Heading North featuring Jimmy Bruno (courtesy Concord Records) + Phil France (Bass) + Patrick Illingworth (drums)


Kymaera - Into The Rainbow/A Tribute to Nick Webb with guest appearances by Maria Ewing and Greg Carmichael


Mike Magnelli


SJRCD1018 Byron Walls/Calm, Cool and Collected

SJRCD1020 BluesPlus/Mood Changes with Adrian Ingram, Chris Smith & Ian Wroe SJRCD1021 Rez Abbasi/Out Of Body SJRCD1023 Rez Abbasi/Third Ear

SJRCD1025 Laurent Medelgi/Circles with Steve LaSpina and Bob Meyers SJRCD1026 Michael Coppola/Enter The Hydra SJRCD1027 Michael Coppola/Return Of The Hydra

SJRCD1028 Nick Page/A Style Of My Own with Martin Drew, John Pearce SJRCD1029 Dave Askren/Re: Bill Evans SJRCD1030 Ray Khalil/A Piece Of The Action


Steve Herberman

Thought Lines

SJRCD1032 Jeff Barone

Crazy Talk

SJRCD1033 Tim Cummiskey/Alone Together


Jay Graydon



Branco Stoysin


SJRCD1024 Branco Stoysin

Somewhere Between The Sky and The Sea


Arik Shahar

Closer Than Ever


Rick Hannah

Oui Bop


Rez Abbasi

Modern Memory

SJRCD1039 Michael Coppola & Rhonda Thomas

Guess Who I Saw Today!

SJRCD1040 Ken Rose




Roberto Colombo


SJRCD1043 Mike Kennedy

Quartet no.1





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