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Classic, Contemporary & Cutting Edge Jazz Guitar


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In just four short years, String Jazz Recordings has established itself as probably the leading specialist jazz guitar label worldwide. The 40 CDs include classic, contemporary and cutting edge recordings from some of the world's leading players, past and present. This trend is set to continue over the next couple of years and with the expansion of the company into broadcast standard 'In Concert' DVDs.


We have greatly expanded our Associates Program in 2003 and currently have some 15 artists onboard and another 13 in negotiation as at April 2003. In addition, we have already started to receive submissions for our new in April 2003 non jazz guitar label, Jazz Gems Records.


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String Jazz Artist Rosta

Gilles Clement | Royce Campbell | Adrian Ingram | John Pisano | Billy Bean | Jack Wilkins | Dennis Budimir | Lenny Breau | Gary Potter | Greg Clayton | Kymaera | Mike Magnelli | Byron Walls | Bluesplus | Rez Abbasi

Associates Program

(Now to include, from April 2003, Jazz Gems Records for non jazz guitar artists)

Our Associates Program has, so far, been a huge success and we are happy to listen to submissions from jazz guitarists who feel that they would benefit from the co-operative feel of the program and who may wish to join the world's leading jazz guitar label.


String Jazz Artist Rosta

Laurent Medelgi | Michael Coppola | Nick Page | Dave Askren | Ray Khalil | Steve Herberman | Jeff Barone | Tim Cummiskey | Maria Ewing | Jay Graydon | Branco Stoysin | Rick Hannah | Arik Shahar | Staffan William-Olsson | Rhonda Thomas


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