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Latcho Drom, meaning "Have a Good Journey" in the Gypsy language, was formed in the French town of Toulouse in 1993 byb the gypsy guitarist Christophe Lartilleux in order to revive the atmosphere of the famous Django Reinhardt Hot Club de France Quintet. Christophe surrounded himself with young talented jazz musicians impassioned by Django's music. Together, they were able to restore the sound and swing of the time whilst developing their own personality. After a first CD, "La Sourciere" (The Witch), which was chosen as one of the best CDs of 1995 by Jazz Magazine, they released "La Verdine" (The Caravan) in which more than half of the titles are their own compositions. "La Verdine", composed by Christophe, is on two compilations, "Guitares Attitudes" (XIII bis Records) and "The Best of Gypsy Swing (Hot Club Records).

After many tours in France and Europe, they released their third CD, "Live in Madrid", recorded at Cafe Central, which shows perfectly the qualities of these musicians: Energy, talent, musiciality, humour and foremost, the willingness to play, to give, to offer their music to the public.

The Musicians

  Christophe Lartilleux (solo guitar). Son of Yvon Lartilleux, a guitarist who played for many years with the accordionist Maurice Vittenet and a gypsy mother, Christophe was brought up in a gypsy caravan but was nevertheless inspired by other types of music such as fusion, bop, flamenco and even hard rock! He played with various musicians such as Yoko Seffer, Deborah Seffer and Vincent Coutois.sourcier.jpg (4094 bytes)

Malik Richeux (violin). Started learning violin at the age of six before eventually gaining a prize to a music conservatory. He then studied at the Jazzschool of CIM in Paris. After a first trio swing musette (Mazette), he played with a cellist in a contemporary duo whilst working with dance and theatre companies. His main influences for jazz violin are Titi Winterstein and Dorado Schmitt

Alain Pollonni (bass). First studied classical music before becoming passionate about bop and jazz rock. verdine.jpg (4863 bytes)Played with Christophe in the Yoshko Seffer Big Band. Main influences are Ron Carter and Charlie Parker.

Cyril Morin (rhythm guitar). Autodidactic. Passionate about gypsy music. Began playing guitars he made himself. Played with several groups around Poitiers. Influenced by Francis Moerman and Patrick Saussois.


La Sourciere (December 1993 LD0164)

La Verdine (January 1996 LD2)

Compilation: Acoustic Influences - Guitare Attitudes (1996 - XIII bis Records)

Compilation: Best of Gypsy Swing (1997 Hot Club Records)

Live in Madrid (October 1997 - Celia Records)

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