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The jazz & blues 50 amp


PRICE: 895.00


Because we retail the amp through our own network and not through shops, we are able to offer it at a superb price saving (at least 25% off the base price excluding carriage and import duties). We believe that no where else would you find an amp of this quality at this price


All-Valve, Hand-built, Point to Point Hard Wired 1 x 12" Guitar Amp handbuilt in the UK exclusively for RETRO Amplification  by Matamp. Constant development and tuning has now improved the amp even more.

The amp is called the Jazz & Blues 50 as, whilst developing it, we came to the conclusion that this would also make a superb blues amp. Push it and you get this lovely, natural creamy distortion much beloved of the blues guitarists. It's also great for playing harmonica through! It also sounds great as a purely acoustic jazz amp.

We have now separated the pre-amp and power amp stages which will cut down to a minimum any noise from the circuits. We are also looking at producing a 'Custom' model which would be leather covered with leather corners.


Over the years, I'd hate to think how many times guys have moaned in my presence about the lack of a true dedicated all-valve jazz combo that has enough power for a gig, that has no frills, a decent reverb and is TRULY portable and not hernia inducing as are many of the valve amps around. Adrian Ingram & I have talked about the possibilities of producing such an amp. Much of the praise for the development must also go to Adrian, who has spent many hours at the workshop altering the circuitry and getting the amp down to a size that he felt happy with. It is, as always, a compromise. Clever design has brought the size down to not much bigger than the Celestion Vintage 30 speaker that is at the heart of the amp. Each amp will be custom built to order and assembled individually by hand, including hard-wired circuitry. Dual voltage for U.S. use will be available. Top quality components are used including over-specced transformers and power supplies. The result is an open, spacious sounding amp with no boxiness.

The amp's circuitry is based very much on the old valve hi-fi amps of the early 1960s and is as simple as they come, allowing the sound from the guitar to be as unadulterated as possible. The result is a fat sound that is equal throughout the range, giving a fullness to the top strings that is very often missing in other valve amps. We have tested the amp on tour and quite frankly, it blew away many of the big name amps that were being used by fellow guitarists.

We have made the decision not to sell the amplifier through shops as we wanted to offer a personal service and also a great saving on price. Our assessment after talking to contacts in shops here in the UK is that the amp would retail in a shop for around 1200.00, maybe a little more. At 895.00 plus carriage and import duties (non UK), the price represents a big saving. Prove us wrong, but in our opinion, there is no other hand built jazz amp of this quality and spec available anywhere for this kind of price.

Chris Burden


100% All Valve circuitry (EL34 Output Valves)

Custom Built to order

Now with 16 ohm Celestion Vintage 30 speaker

Point to Point hard wired throughout

9 carat Gold plated bright work/Brass nameplates and top-plate

Marine Play construction/Mid-Brown covering/Cream grill cloth

50 watt output 

Accutronics Valve & spring reverb

Single input

Treble, bass, reverb, middle & presence controls

 H = 470 mm/18 1/2 " -  W= 425 mm (16 3/4 ") - D = 260 mm (10 1/4")



Contact Chris Burden/ at any time