SJRCD1038 Rick hannah/oui bop

(Catagory: melodic, hard driving bebop guitar)

Another great signing for the String Jazz label.

Rick Hannah is a real find. Born in Philadelphia in 1953, Hannah is yet another superb jazz guitarist to come out of that city. Raised since the age of three in Baltimore.

Whilst at Towson State college, he played with Hank Levy, his first exposure to jazz. After playing in Top 40 bands and becoming increasingly frustrated, he decided to go to L.A. in 1976. After two year of playing what Rick calls the 'Vegas Lounge Circuit', he decided to move into fusion playing. After a few near misses, (he had an unsuccessful audition with George Duke, he finally got the chance to audition with Alphonse Mouzon, which he did get. He toured Europe with Mouzon in 1982. He did another tour after that and gigged in the States with Mouzon for three years.

He then hooked up with Bunny Brunel, who had just stopped playing with Chick Corea and was putting his own band together. The personnel varied, but included at one time Tom Brechtlein, Kei Agaki (keys, played with Miles et al.) and Dave Garibaldi.

For a while, the legendary Brian Auger (Julie Driscoll, Trinity, Oblivion Express) joined the band and Hannah eventually hooked up with him , toured Europe and recorded an unreleased album. Rick worked with Auger on and off for four years but became increasingly frustrated with fusion

Decided to go back to the jazz guitar roots and after a good deal of wood shedding, changing his sound and learning a lot more tunes, he hooked up with pianist Billy Mitchell and sax player, John Bolivar. Hannah worked with them for three years, recording two albums, the latest being 'Passion' (Billy Mitchell).

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