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Associates Program

The String Jazz label is now distributed in the following countries

The USA * The United Kingdom * Canada* France * Germany * austria * Australia & New Zealand * Poland * Italy * Belgium * Netherlands * Luxembourg * Switzerland

After 4 years gradually building up the CD side of our business, we have finally got to the point where we feel we can offer an 'Associates' program to prospective players of quality. Since we started the label, we have almost weekly had submissions from players asking to come on to it. However, at the start, we did not feel we had either enough of a reputation or a good enough distribution network worldwide to do justice to taking onboard, any other recordings than we were handling at that time.

Check out our distribution pages now however and you will see that this has changed dramatically over just the past few months. Whereas the U.S. side has got worse, owing to major problems with various retailers and no doubt to a certain extent by the terrible events of last September, our European and worldwide distribution is going from strength to strength, to the extent that we feel able now to look at things afresh. String Jazz is now probably the major specialist jazz guitar label worldwide.


The 'Associates' program allows the successful player to join the String Jazz label and take advantage of our solid reputation and also this superb worldwide distribution. Basically, you the player provide us with the finished product and we do the rest. Yes, this does require that the artist makes a financial commitment but in return, he or she joins a quality label with excellent and growing distribution worldwide plus the full backing of our organisation. Too many great, or potentially great players produce superb CDs and try to sell them at gigs or through some limited distribution and never reach beyond their own shores. That is a shame as there have been many excellent tapes sent to us that should be made known to a wider audience. For U.S. players, for example, there is an audience as big, if not bigger, than the USA in Europe alone and when we go beyond, far greater potential in terms of both exposure and sales.

Before you get excited however, it is not as easy as it sounds. We have a reputation for producing high quality recordings and we are choosey in whom we take. That is not meant to discourage anyone as we are happy to look at any player. The stipulation is that they must be professional players or of a high professional standard and must produce a CD of that same high quality. In other words, one that has a chance of (a) getting the CD noticed and (b) achieving some degree of sales.

Things are not easy in today's climate and one must enter the program with a high degree of realism. If you feel you are the new Kenny Burrell or Jim Hall, or John Scofield or Pat Metheny, or maybe as importantly, we feel you are, that will sure help. But fear not. Those guys come along only every so often and we just need to stress that we need to stay realistic and to ask yourself this one question. I've produced this great recording - if I do this the whole promotion and distribution thing myself, where will I be in a year's time? If I manage to join the program, is there a good chance I will be better off both in terms of sales and exposure? We've been in this business long enough to know that you can produce the best CD in the world and be a monster jazz guitarist but without proper distribution worldwide, you may never let enough people know that fact. Distribution is the key to success in the long-term.

If you want to move forward with us, the next step is to contact us by email and/or send us your recording/CDR and some bio and we'll take it from there, listen to it and get back to you with our comments. Once we have heard this and if we want to take things further, we will contact you and send further information regarding terms of payment and contract details.

We look forward to hearing  from you.

Chris Burden


To join the program, you need to

  • Provide us with the finished CD.

  • If this is a new project, that CD must have a String Jazz catalogue number and Bar Code in order to get our distributors to take it

  • If you have a CD, or CDs, already out and shrink wrapped, we can take these in and add a sticker to them but you will not be able to get U.S. distribution unless you re-jig the artwork to comply with the needs as mentioned above. Our U.S. distributor will not accept CDs with amended stickers on.

  • We take a set fee of $2.00 per CD sale, whether it be trade or retail -  you get the rest.

  • We do the promotion of the CD, send out to the media, take the orders from our distributors and supply them from here.

  • You send any U.S. order, if you are a U.S. based artist, direct to City Hall.

  • You send any promos needed in the USA direct from you.

  • You supply us here with an agreed amount of stock and 25 promo CDs. If more are needed, you agree to supply these to us also.

  • The CD remains your property at all times.

  • You retain all rights to the CD

  • We sign a hard copy agreement, initially for 2 years.

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