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String Jazz started life back in 1986 and since then has specialized in Jazz Guitar, firstly through the highly regarded ARCHTOP magazine and then String Jazz News. The company has also dealt in the supply of high quality Jazz Guitars and Amplifiers, CDs and Strings by world-wide mail order, and lately, with our growing Internet Web Site and jazz guitar newsletter.

Our main developments in recent times has been the inauguration of our own specialist jazz guitar recording label, String Jazz Recordings  and our Production Division specializing in broadcast standard 'In Concert' DVDs of world class players. Our first DVD release, 'John Pisano & Adrian Ingram/Live at Wakefield Jazz' (SJPDVD2001) is now out as is The Gary Potter Trio/Hotter Than Hot (SJPDVD2002). DVDs from Jimmy Bruno/Jack Wilkins duo, and Maria Ewing with Kymaera are on our shooting schedule as well as other exciting productions.

The SJR label's intention is to release high quality historic and contemporary jazz guitar CDs from world-renowned artists. To date, we have 27 CDs on the label with several more high quality recordings from world-class artists in the pipeline. Our inaugural CD was Woody (SJRCD1001) from the fine Wes-inspired French bebop guitarist Gilles Clement and the second, "Hands Across the Water" (SJRCD1002) by the fine duo of American guitarist Royce Campbell and one of Europe's finest players, Adrian Ingram. We followed those two by releasing a CD from one of the legendary jazz guitar duos, that of  Billy Bean & John Pisano. "Makin' It Again" has been a great success and Vol.2 - "West Coast Sessions" (SJRCD1006), was released some time later.  This also featured a couple of ultra-rare tracks with Billy Bean jamming with Dennis Budimir in 1959. Both of these CDs bring us something we jazz devotees never thought we'd hear again - Billy Bean on record. And in 2000/2001, we have released CDs by names such as Lenny Breau, Gary Potter, Fapy Lafertin, Greg Clayton, The Flying Pisanos, Adrian Ingram, Jack Wilkins Quartet featuring Jimmy Bruno (courtesy Concord Records) and the fine UK band, Kymaera.

2002 saw the inauguration of our Associates Program, giving professional players without a major label contract the opportunity to take advantage of the facilities and the distribution of the String Jazz label. In three short months, the program has produced and enabled some truly world-class players to come on to the label - players of the calibre of Mike Magnelli, the excellent jazz singer/songwriter Byron Walls, Rez Abbasi, Laurent Medelgi, Nick Page, Dave Askren, Ray Khalil and Steve Herberman and in our first foray into the world of the blues, the new UK band, BluesPlus. These names may be new to you, but rest assured, these guys are the future of jazz guitar. The SJR label will continue to release  jazz guitar CDs from the world's leading players.

The award winning String Jazz site is now one of the largest and most comprehensive on the Net, with an average of over 16,000 'hits' weekly. The site is a showcase for the world-wide jazz guitar services we offer. We hope you enjoy your visit and will come back time and time again. Enjoy.


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