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We teamed the up and coming Campbell, for twenty years guitarist to the legendary composer Henry Mancini with one of Europe’s top players, Adrian Ingram for a superb set of standards and originals in the classic jazz guitar tradition.


20th Century Guitar/October 1998 by Jim Fisch

Some of the best moments in the recorded history of jazz guitar have come from guitar duos.......there is a certain magic that happens when two great guitarists team up.

  • Such simpatico is evident throughout "Hands Across the Water" as the Englishman Ingram and Yankee Campbell do a trans-Atlantic plug-in on five originals and an equal number of carefully chosen standards.
  • I can just see the jazz educator Ingram chuckling over the chart to "Boplics", which tosses the familiar "I Got Rhythm" changes in to the mix master with a host of familiar linear embellishments...he whips...he chops...he purees....he blends!
  • If anything provides the proof of how good or bad a guitar duo is, it's a ballad, and these guys are very good indeed on a handful of the best. The chordal interplay on "Polka Dots and Moonbeams" and the extended intro to Ellington's "In a Sentimental Mood" are particularly effective and yet another reason to pick up this disc.

Guitar Player/December 1998

·         Fans of fat-toned, old-school archtop jazz will get more than their money's worth from 'Hands Across the Water'.

·         A dynamite quartet record ........

·         These two play with a relaxed conviction born of a lifetime of dedication to their art.

·         Each a gifted player, Ingram & Campbell mesh like gears in a BMW. Astute listeners will appreciate the musical differences and celebrate the shared vision.

·         Throughout this 61 minute guitar feast, the swinging drums and growling upright bass provide a tight, secure foundation without intruding on the dialog.


Just Jazz Guitar/August 1998 - by Charles H. Chapman

·         Tasty jazz accentuating the sound of the archtop guitar......

·         Adrian and Royce play with sensitivity, control and have a melodic contour to their solos that makes you forget the difficulty it takes to execute those long flowing legato lines.

·         Their blend and interplay is so good that it is often hard to tell who is who - at times you actually forget that there are two guitarists performing.

·         One of my favourite cuts is the rendition of the Duke Ellingtom standard, "In a Sentimental Mood". It begins with a chorus of solo guitar that is soul searching with a beautiful flow of inner voicings before it breaks into a great groove with the rest of the musicians.

·         The album is well recorded, mixed and hopfully, we will hear more from this pairing in the future.

·         "Hands Across the Water" is definitely a must for those jazz guitar aficianados who are looking for an album that is easy on the ears and lets you sit back, listen and enjoy.


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